Emily B. H. Sorensen, BS, TRS

Emily B. H. Sorensen, BS, TRSEmily received her Bachelor of Science degree in therapeutic recreation and management from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business. Her past clinical experience includes using a wide range of therapeutic recreation tools in a variety of home and facility settings to bring about positive life changes that optimize health and wellness. Emily is also a Certified Zumba Instructor and developed an innovative chair Zumba program for the elderly clients with mobility issues.

“I love restoring hope and reconnecting clients to their passions. I will never forget meeting Mary, an 89-year-old nursing home resident who had suffered a fall that had left her weak on her entire left side. Her condition left her with deep feelings of body image shame and she was very socially isolated. Through chair Zumba, a latin-inspired dance movement, I was able to reconnect Mary with the joy of movement. Over the course of a few short months with my chair dance program, she was able to raise both of her arms above her head and began mingling in the hall with other residents. Watching her transformation was inspiring and led me to join HealthSense. As a MindSense cognitive enrichment specialist, I  work every day to spark joy in the lives of the elderly I interact with!”