Louise Regan, BFA, MA.Ed

Cognitive Enrichment Specialist/Care Manager Associate

Louise Regan has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University Of Northumbria, England in Fine Art Painting and a postgraduate degree in Art & Design Education from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales. Hailing originally from England, Louise is a global citizen having spent her childhood in East Africa and traveled extensively in the Middle East. Louise taught art for over ten years in the UK before moving to New York City in 2004. Her many interests include painting, ceramics, photography, yoga, mindfulness, cooking and gardening. In her spare time, Louise is also a Reiki practitioner and is currently working toward her masters level in healing energy work. During the pandemic, her concern for lonely, isolated elders led her to non-profit work with OneCommunity where she facilitated virtual group classes on art, inspiration and connection for older residents in the Brooklyn/ Fort Greene community. Louise is an easy conversationalist and a natural connector and as a MindSense Cognitive Enrichment Specialist is excited to use her myriad of talents to engage and light up lives.

“I am very much a “people person” at heart and I love nothing better than to listen, learn and connect with others. As an art educator, I keep an open and curious mind and embrace all skills, approaches and media. I am passionate about using the creative arts, conversation and community to enable elders to rediscover their joy and zest for life. I am also a firm believer in the Mind-Body connection, which is the link between a person’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors and their physical symptoms. Positive engagement experiences can raise energy levels creating space for optimism and gratitude which helps overall health and wellbeing. As a Cognitive Enrichment Specialist at MindSense, I love having the opportunity to use all of my creative talents to enhance the lives of elders.”