Finding a New Zest for Life!


Meet Margaret: a 93 year old homemaker,  retired librarian, and widow. Margaret has always had an innate curiosity and thirst for learning; she is well traveled and well read. She loves connecting with people and has an amazing listening ability, which immediately makes others feel at ease to share their stories. Margaret lives alone, with some part time caregiver help, along with a caring circle of family and friends that, before the pandemic, would visit often.Over the past year, some health issues have reduced her physical endurance to get out and about. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck her family and friends had to reduce their in-person visits to reduce her risk for infection. Margaret’s world shrunk and she missed diverse engagement and socialization. 

Margaret began virtual MindSense sessions with one of our cognitive enrichment specialists–Emily Sorensen. She learned how to use Zoom as well as a whole world of possibilities on her Ipad. Margaret discovered her competitive side by playing online games like checkers and crosswords. She found peace and mindfulness by appreciating the art of calming seascapes. She went from saying, “Oh, I’m not creative at all!” to composing clever limericks for her family and friends. Margaret caught a travel bug and was able to travel virtually–exploring Mexico, France, Italy and beyond. Activities and discussions were tailored specifically to her interests and strengths. After one recent session Margaret happily exclaimed, “You seem to know just what is right for me!”. Amid a global pandemic, Margaret and MindSense are broadening horizons, challenging myths on aging and technology and finding a new zest for life!

Written by Anne Sansevero


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