Let Their Story Be Told!

elderly couple looking at legacy book

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is how precious and fleeting life is. Young and old alike have had to fight an invisible enemy. For some, it brings the concept of mortality and leading a meaningful life into sharper focus. Relationships and connection take precedence over materialistic pleasures and time slows down enough for many of us to examine how we were living our own lives. As the old saying goes “we only go around once” and all of us have the opportunity to leave a legacy of lifting up others around us. Moreover, we all have our fascinating cultural histories and within that unique prism, our smallest acts of kindness will be far more memorable than the power of office or the size of our bank account. 

For older adults, having the opportunity to dictate one’s life history to a skilled legacy writer can be an especially insightful and uplifting experience. The journey can be cathartic, therapeutic and ultimately joyful. A book of written thoughts, personal truths and family history is a sacred space that can give great meaning to the author and their extended family alike. Favorite memories, struggles, triumphs and illuminating the important people in one’s life can be a powerful force to share values and wisdom. Dusting off and including old photographs can bring these personal histories to life. Other family members and friends can be interviewed for their interpretations of events and can add dedications. 

The gift of legacy writing can be as simple as using an online letter format or following step-by-step book instructions. Another option is giving your loved one interviews with a dedicated legacy writer. This legacy writer can ghost write and edit the stories told from your loved one, supplemented with additional details from family & friends. The finished product can then be published as a precious memoir. Whatever route is taken, once the story is written, it will be a family treasure. So, for 2021—put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or voice to a writer and let their story be told!

Written by Anne Sansevero

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