The MindSense® Program

MindSense® is a Cognitive Enrichment Program developed by Anne Sansevero RN, MA, GNP, CCM, Founder and CEO of HealthSense, an Aging Life Care company. With her gerontology and neurology nurse practitioner background, Anne is deeply familiar with cognitive challenges and the research that supports the benefits of social engagement to enhance brain health, memory and overall well being. However, cognitive enrichment is not a “one size fits all” solution. Effective cognitive enrichment strategies must be tailored not only to a client’s unique interests but also to their cognitive strengths and abilities across the continuum of brain health. Just as cognitive abilities change over time, so too must the strategies for engagement. The MindSense® program which Anne calls her “Joy Division” is based on a unique strengths based approach and assessment called the “Tree Stages® Model” . When matched with its easy to use evaluation tool, this enables a Cognitive Enrichment Specialist (CES) to easily assess a client’s ability to engage in programming along a continuum of their changing abilities. With this knowledge, the CES can confidently tailor activities and programs so that they are always meeting their clients needs and bringing them joyful engagement.

The MindSense® Business Program: A Turn-Key Cognitive Enrichment Solution to Expand Service Offerings

For those Aging Life Care or Health Care Professionals interested in launching or enhancing a Cognitive Enrichment Program as an additional service offering and revenue stream, the MindSense® Business Program is available to be shared with vetted and trusted professional colleagues. We offer start up support, business templates and forms, access to the unique Tree Stages® model, branding and marketing materials, activity catalogs and dementia support materials. You also join a trusted community of Cognitive Enrichment Specialists that offer specialized knowledge and peer support. The MindSense Program offers geographic exclusivity so that your investment in the program always offers you a strategic advantage. For more on how you can use The MindSense Program to Light up Lives, call (646) 241-3463.