When to Get Help

caring nurse and patient in nursing home

Many people aren’t sure when the time is right to enlist the services of a care manager. Here are some situations that may signal the need for assistance:

  • A senior has limited or no family support
  • Family members live far away and need someone nearby who can respond to needs as they arise
  • A person has multiple medical or psychological issues
  • A senior needs to be transitioned from one care environment to another
  • A family caregiver is burned out and/or confused about differing care solutions
  • A family has limited time and/or expertise in dealing with their loved one’s chronic care needs
  • A family is at odds on how best to care for a loved one
  • A senior is unhappy with their current care and is unable to advocate for him/herself
  • Dementia is making it difficult for family members to get the help a loved one needs
  • A senior and their family members need guidance in planning ahead for potential medical issues

Here are some common red flags to look for in your loved one:

  • Multiple ER visits and/or hospitalizations in a short period of time
  • Frequent falls or unexplained bruises
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Forgetting to take medication or mistakes in taking medication
  • Difficult-to-manage behaviors
  • Getting lost while driving or walking
  • Social isolation/loss of interest in social activities
  • Neglecting to pay bills or cash checks
  • Has been the victim of financial scams
  • Not eating properly or regularly
  • Abusing alcohol/drugs
  • Unsafe driving – getting driving violation tickets frequently and/or involved in driving accidents
  • Confusion/increased forgetfulness
  • New balance or mobility problems and refusing to use cane or walker
  • Health complaints/symptoms, but refusing to see the doctor
  • Forgetting things cooking on the stove or turning on burners or appliances and forgetting to turn them off

If you think your loved one may need help, please contact us today.