MindSense Cognitive Enrichment Program

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MindSense is a cognitive enrichment program that uses the power of intentional connection to decrease social isolation, re-engage curiosity and create joyful moments improving the quality of life of older adults and their families.

MindSense logoResearch shows that cognitive enrichment program can help improve brain plasticity, decrease social isolation, and enhance quality of life. Following a baseline assessment, our team individual tailors sessions based on the client’s cognitive abilities and unique interests. Through carefully selected activities and experiences, we start a journey to re-engage their curiosity, restore a sense of purpose and pride, and bring back joy.

Emily is the director of the MindSense program and has extensive experience structuring programs to provide meaningful and engaging activities to those with memory impairment. Through her Dementia Connections Facilitator training Emily empowers  and supports both caregivers and family members to have more meaningful relationships with their loved one. 

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