Our Story

HealthSense was founded by Anne Sansevero, a geriatric nurse practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the field. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with master’s degree qualifications who are educated to diagnose and treat acute illnesses and chronic conditions. They are also highly skilled in promoting and maintaining health and wellness.  Anne’s entire team of care managers have extensive health care backgrounds in the nursing profession, which is unique in the aging life care field.

A holistic, health-centered approach

Because of our advanced nursing expertise, HealthSense is adept in identifying and assessing issues that others may not see. Because of our experience and proficiency, we are uniquely talented in handling complex care needs. Our evaluations are comprehensive and focus on the whole person, their support systems and their unique environment. We are attentive to the entire spectrum of issues and concerns that can arise during the aging process. Our aging life care management services provide specific recommendations designed to achieve optimal wellness for the client and peace of mind for family members.

HealthSense’s unique contribution to the field of aging life care is our laser focus on helping our clients to live and age well. We accomplish this through individualized health care strategic planning that is client centered and outcome driven. Our team of professionals have the expertise – and the insightful compassion – to help our clients stay involved in life, allowing them to pursue their passions and live their dreams.