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When older parents resist help or advice, use these tips to cope

 Anne Sansevero was quoted for this CNN article. Click here to read more.

The Public Health Emergency for Covid ended May 11th, 2023

The Covid Crisis has officially been ended but the confusion continues on how to navigate the patchwork of coverage that remains in place.

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Former care workers face charges after live streaming alleged elder abuse!

Appalling incident in a live stream of two caregivers abusing an elderly woman suffering from dementia. The National Aging Life Care Association Board President and CEO of HealthSense, Anne Sansevero, commented and shared the expertise and oversight that Aging Life Care Managers bring to protect and prevent this type of abuse.  In follow up to the recent interview on Elder Abuse, part of the interview was edited out for time constraints. Anne insists “it is important to talk about the structural and economic factors that make elder abuse more likely to happen, especially in facility settings. The caregivers who livestreamed their physical abuse were abhorrent and deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. However, low staffing ratios and low caregiver pay are major risk factors for caregiver burnout which can lead to depersonalization and desensitization. These need to be addressed at the federal level by setting a higher minimum staffing benchmark in care facilities, as well as ensuring that caregivers make a living wage. We also should recognize that most caregivers who work with the elderly are very dedicated, caring and do incredible work.”

If you see it, report it.

New Covid pill on the market!

Exciting news on the battle against Covid is the recent authorization by U.S. health regulators of the oral pill Paxlovid. The Pfizer drug, an anti-viral protease inhibitor, can be taken at home to ward off the worst effects of the virus. The drug has shown a high efficacy rate and low side effects with a 90% decreased risk of hospitalizations and deaths in high-risk groups. Initial supplies will be limited as Pfizer ramps up production to meet demand. The U.S. government has purchased enough supply to treat 10 million people here in the US and will provide the drug free of charge. The drug is available by prescription only and must be taken within 5 days of onset of symptoms. It is authorized for adults and children ages 12 and older with a positive COVID-19 test and early symptoms who face the highest risks of hospitalization. That includes older people and those with conditions like obesity and heart disease. The drug is contraindicated for those with severe kidney or liver problems. Children over 12 years of age eligible for the drug must weigh at least 88 pounds. In combination with vaccines boosters, targeted mask wearing, IV monoclonal antibody infusions, it will add to the arsenal of tools to decrease the burden of the disease and hospitalizations and hopefully pave a path out of the pandemic. The gold standard in the battle against Covid remains prevention with vaccinations and boosters, but with 40 million unvaccinated Americans susceptible to getting the disease and flooding hospital systems, the Covid pill is an exciting new treatment that medical providers will have at their disposal to reduce overall morbidity and mortality. To connect with a provider and get more information, call 212-COVID-19 (212-268-4319).


Anne Sansevero offers steps and tips to make the daunting task of finding a skilled nursing facility or nursing home much easier. Check out the full article in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report. 


Anne Sansevero, CEO & Founder of HealthSense, honoree at the 39th Annual Winged Foot Golf Invitationalheadshot of anne & her husband


And that’s a wrap!group photo with film director

“Beyond honored to have had Oscar award winner Frederic King shoot our Aging Life Care New York promotional videos. A big shout out to ALCA members Chris Crowley and Sheila Kolt for spearheading this project and thanks to our terrific crew and cast! A special thank you to Laurie Thomas of Inspīr at Carnegie east NYC for hosting the shoot at her amazing new senior living residence! Stay tuned for the finished reels!” -Anne Sansevero, CEO & Founder of HealthSense

Anne Sansevero, screenshot of two women

CEO & Founder of HealthSense, addresses social isolation/promoting social


Click here to watch Anne Sansevero and Kari Rogenski discuss how we are able to use technology to enrich the lives of seniors throughout the pandemic.

Anne Sansevero, CEO & Founder of HealthSense, offers expert advice in article about talking to non-vaccinated family members. 

New York City, New York- How can I convice my parents to get vaccinated?

Brain fog, one of the long list of symptoms, is also especially detrimental for older adults who already have memory issues, said Anne Sansevero, a geriatric nurse practitioner and founder of HealthSense, a New York City-based care management consultancy.

“If older people value their independence and guard it, they really should get the vaccination because COVID could potentially affect their independence,” she said.

Anne Sansevero, CEO of HealthSense, Co-Founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates and President of NYALCA, presents to graduate students at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. 

New York City, New York-screenshot of zoom presenation Anne Sansevero, CEO of HealthSense, Co-Founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates and President of the Aging Life Care Association of New York gave a presentation entitled “Entrepreneurship and Aging” to graduate students at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. Citing the explosive growth in aging demographics coupled with a fragmented health care system, she highlighted the many opportunities as an Aging Life Care Professional to reimagine the aging journey and find creative public health solutions. In discussing leadership and her own business journey, Anne discussed the importance of being open to creativity and innovation “Being passionate about a problem and being relentless in your pursuit of solutions is what sparks entrepreneurship”.

Emily Scholler, Director of Operations of MindSense, presented on MindSense to faculty and students at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

New York City, New York – Emily presented along side, Carolyn Halpin-Healy, the Executive Director of Arts & Minds, a non-profit organization that provides museum-based experiences for people with dementia and their caregivers, to share unique their experiences in the field of cognitive enrichment. Emily spoke about the power of cognitive enrichment and care management in empowering older adults and enhancing quality of life, how MindSense pivoted during the coronavirus pandemic, and the transformative role technology can play in cognitive enrichment. 

Anne C. Sansevero Elected as President of the New York Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association® and Treasurer of the Aging Life Care Association® National Board of Directors

NY ALCA Board: June 12th 2019, New Paltz, New York

NY ALCA Board: June 12th 2019, New Paltz, New York Left to right: Susan Keating, Janet Smith, Sheila Kolt, Debbie Drelich, Rosemarie Ruggero, Anne Recht, Dorothy Tagarelli, Anne Sansevero (not pictured – Theodora Spellbrink, Roxanne Sorensen)

New York City, New York – Anne C. Sansevero RN, MA, GNP, CCM was recently elected President of the New York Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association and to the office of Treasurer on the National Board of Directors of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA)®. ALCA – a nonprofit association representing more than 2,000 members nationally – is governed by a 11-member National Board of Directors and a 9-member regional New York board. Sansevero assumes both offices on January 1, 2021. Sansevero previously served as Vice President of the New York Chapter Of ALCA and is a Board of Director on the National ALCA Board as well as Co-Chair of their Public Relations/ Marketing Committee.

“ALCA members are the gold standard of Aging Life Care® and care management. I am proud to be part of an association that defines excellence in my profession and is dedicated to education, professional development, and the highest ethical standards” said Sansevero. “I look forward to working with the leaders of ALCA to meet our vision of a world where adults and their families live well as they face the challenges of aging.”

ALCA National Board – October 17th, 2019 – Austin, Texas

ALCA National Board – October 17th, 2019 – Austin, Texas
Back row left to right: Nancy Avitabile, Connie McKenzie, Anne Sansevero, Lisa Mayfield, Steve Barlam, Janice Duffin, Liz Barlowe
Front row left to right: Lisa Laney, Deb Fins, Taney Hamill, Kate Granigan, Julie Wagner, Debra Feldman

Sansevero has been a member of ALCA for 14 years and is a geriatric nurse practitioner by training. She founded HealthSense LLC her care management consulting company in 2006 and has been practicing as a care manager in the New York metropolitan area since then. With a specialized focus on aging and elder care, Anne and her team provide care planning, guidance and advocacy for families who are caring for older relatives or disabled adults. Services include managing transitions in care, housing, in-home care, and referrals to medical providers or elder law attorneys. Concerned about the growing problem of social isolation among the elderly, Anne recently added a Cognitive Enrichment division –MindSense –to her practice. Her enrichment specialists offer targeted programs both virtually and in-person to increase social engagement among older adults. Anne also offers home care services and is co-founder along with her partner Rick Gang of Holistic HomeCare Associates LLC  – a home care employment placement agency that expertly matches clients with private hire companions, caregivers and nurses.  

About the Aging Life Care Association®(ALCA): ALCA was formed in 1985 to advance dignified, coordinated care for older adults in the United States. Founded by and handful of women entrepreneurs in the social work and nursing fields, the Association has grown to over 2000 members nationwide, who have cared for about two million older adults over its 35-year history. Members have extensive training and experience working with older adults, people with disabilities, and families who need assistance with caregiving issues. Members must meet stringent education, experience, and certification requirements.  Members may be trained in any of number of fields related to long-term care, including nursing, social work, and other allied health professions with a specialized focus on issues related to aging. All members are required to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Aging Life Care™ and the role of care providers have captured a national spotlight with the onset of the global pandemic, and as generations of Baby Boomers age in the United States and abroad. For more information or to access a nationwide directory of Aging Life Care Professionals, please visit

Navigating the New Normal: Aging Life Care professionals & COVID-19

COVID-19 virus image on a teal blue background with the words "COVID-19 Facts known to date on the virus"

Anne Sansevero was a guest speaker this past Thursday to the Mid-Western Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association. Anne remarked, “…in light of Friday’s news that President Trump, the first lady and many members of the white house staff have tested positive for the disease…being knowledgeable on the scientific facts around the disease and following through best public health practices is key to keeping Americans safe and healthy until a vaccine for this disease is widely available.”

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Anne Sansevero presents at ALCA Conference Session

screenshot of video conference with magical text and small images of speakers on the right hand side

Technology and Touch: Enriching Lives through the Creative Use of Technology

Anne Sansevero and Liz Hamburg presented virtually to over 375 participants at this year’s National ALCA conference on the incredibly timely and relevant topics of enriching lives and client safety through the creative use of technology. 

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Anne Sansevero receives President’s Award

Presdient's Award BannerAnne Sansevero CEO of HealthSense was recently honored with the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) President’s Award. The award is given to a member for their overall outstanding dedication and commitment to ALCA – a non-profit membership association of professionals and experts in the aging life care field. Anne serves on the national board of ALCA and is co-chair of the PR/Marketing Committee and is Vice President of the New York chapter. “There is no higher honor than recognition from your peers–thanks to all of you at ALCA for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me and being the wind in my sails” – Anne Sansevero.

Guest Speakers for New York University Rory Meyers School of Nursing

NYU logoAnne Sansevero, CEO & Founder of HealthSense, along with Emily Scholler, Director of MindSense presented on “Quarterbacking Care & Lighting Up Lives”. Anne and Emily spoke to undergrad students studying Ambulatory Care Nursing about what it means to be an aging life care professional, the importance of holistic care management, and the transformative power of cognitive enrichment for those with memory impairment and those who are socially isolated.

MindSense Presents for PSS

Lighting Up Lives BannerEmily Scholler, Director of MindSense, and Emily Sorensen, Cognitive Enrichment Specialist, presented “Creative Activities for Caregivers of Older Adults” as an educational webinar for PSS. PSS is a multi-service agency, whose mission is to strengthen the capacity of older New Yorkers, their families, and communities to thrive. The Emilys taught audience members the importance of engagement in reducing isolation and provided specific tools and tips for successful activities. “We loved sharing our passion and expertise on creating engaging activities for older adults!”

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MindSense and Candoo Tech Announce Partnership

Candoo imageAnne Sansevero CEO & Founder of HealthSense, a care management consulting company with a cognitive enrichment division MindSense, and Liz Hamburg CEO & Founder of Candoo Tech providing tech support and training specifically designed for older adults have announced a formal collaboration together to bring online cognitive enrichment programs to older adults nationwide.

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For Seniors, COVID-19 Sets Off a Pandemic of Despair

Anne Sansevero, CEO & Founder of HealthSense, is quoted in this important article by Kaiser Health News. “Prolonged social isolation among the elderly is leading to record levels of depression — we must find creative ways to connect and bring joy while keeping our older loved ones safe.”

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Scholarship for Scholler

MindSense Director, Emily SchollerMindSense Director, Emily Scholler, receives the Dannheisser Scholarship Award from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. This distinguished award recognizes students with a unique background and passion for the field of aging. With this award, Emily plans to explore how we can reduce social isolation and improve health outcomes for older populations. Emily will be pursuing her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Health of an Aging Society this fall. 

Sree’s Sunday Show

Sree's video screen capture“Nurses are educators, administrators, leaders, public health advocates–not just bedside professionals!”. Anne Sansevero, CEO & Founder of HealthSense, was invited to join Sree’s Sunday Show for #NYTReadalong this past week.

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The Digital Doctor Is In

person on a virual call with their doctorAnne Sansevero, CEO and Founder of HealthSense was quoted on how Aging Life Care Managers along with other health care professionals are having to pivot into the world of telehealth to monitor and service their clients in the age of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. In the article “The Digital Doctor Is In” by NYC City Lens online magazine read about the challenges and opportunities on how to bridge the tech-touch divide.

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MyndYou’s AI-based Remote Calling Platform

MyndYoiu GraphicAging Life Care Managers use MyndYou’s AI-based remote calling platform to engage virtually with clients and monitor changes in their health using passive voice analytics to ensure timely and targeted care.

MyndYou Inc., a Corporate Partner of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA), announced today a program to expand remote care management and combat social isolation for older adults in their homes. In a joint effort to respond proactively to the effects of COVID-19, and the risk it poses on their older adult clients, MyndYou has partnered with a number of ALCA care managers who utilize MyndYou’s remote calling platform and voice-analytics solution to continue delivering high quality, personalized care management—as they did before the COVID-19 outbreak—while ensuring the safety of both clients and care managers.

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elderly couple illustrationALCA member Anne Sansevero talks about how medical alert devices “can be a tool deployed to bridge the tech/touch divide” in this MONEY article.

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HealthSense Welcomes Its Newest Team Member

Emily B. H. Sorensen, BS, TRSHealthSense welcomes its newest team member Emily B. Sorensen a cognitive enrichment specialist in the MindSense program.

Emily received her Bachelors of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Management from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business. Her past clinical experience includes using a wide range of therapeutic recreation tools in a variety of home and facility settings to bring about positive life changes that optimize health and wellness. Emily is also a Certified Zumba Instructor and developed an innovative chair zumba program for the elderly clients with mobility issues.

“I love restoring hope and reconnecting clients to their passions. I will never forget meeting Mary, an 89-year-old nursing home resident who had suffered a fall that had left her weak on her entire left side. Her condition left her with deep feelings of body image shame and she was very socially isolated. Through chair zumba, a latin-inspired dance movement, I was able to reconnect Mary with the joy of movement. Over the course of a few short months with my chair dance program, she was able to raise both of her arms above her head and began mingling in the hall with other residents. Watching her transformation was inspiring and led me to join HealthSense. As a MindSense cognitive enrichment specialist, I  work every day to spark joy in the lives of the elderly I interact with!” 


Anne Sansevero, CEO and Founder of HealthSense, is on the board for the Children’s Medical Research Foundation. CMRF is a non-profit organization which funds research and innovation in pediatric healthcare in both Ireland and globally. 

Last month, Anne and fellow board members, organized and hosted their annual “Best of Ireland” Gala dinner. The purpose of this gala is to raise money for CMRF and recognize Irish Americans and Irish citizens who are making an impact. The honorees this year were (left to right): Bob Mc Cann–chairman of UBS, Charlotte Moore & Ciaran O’Reilly–founders of The Irish Repertory Theatre and lastly, Padraig Harrington–Irish professional golf star. Thanks to the honorees, the board and all who attended and supported, this year’s gala alone raised $850,000 which will go directly towards pediatric research.


alca 35th logoThe Aging Life Care Association® Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary

Anne Sansevero has been a member of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) for 15 years and serves on the ALCA National and New York Chapter boards. “ALCA has been key to helping me grow my care management business. The educational and networking opportunities have been invaluable. ALCA is the gold standard in the aging life care field and promotes the highest ethical standards. As an ALCA member, I am part of a unique group of experts in aging well – we are on the front lines doing incredibly important and rewarding work in helping elders and their families navigate the journey of aging.”

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Anne Sansevero RN, GNP, MA, CCM and CEO and founder of HealthSense LLC and cofounder of Holistic HomeCare Associates LLC was honored by Irish America Magazine as one of their Health Care and Life Sciences 50. The award recognizes Irish American innovators who are leading the way in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Anne’s company, HealthSense, is a care management consulting company which delivers skillful advocacy for seniors and their families who are facing aging challenges. Anne and her team offer a holistic, targeted and responsive focus to crisis management, problem solving and care coordination related to complex health and aging issues. Her second company which she cofounded with her partner, Rick Gang, offers expert guidance and support in assembling a high-quality private hire home care team. Anne has over 30 years of experience in the health and aging field and serves on the national board of the Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) and is vice president of the local ALCA New York Chapter. Originally an O’Toole from Galway, Ireland, Anne emigrated to the US in 1986. She has over 30 years’ experience in the health and aging field and holds a BSN and Master’s degree in Nursing and is licensed as a geriatric nurse practitioner and care manager. Anne is active in her NYU Rory Meyers School of Nursing Alumni group as well as mentoring nurses and developing educational initiatives as they relate to improving care for frail elders. Her other skills include fostering entrepreneurship and she is an advisor to a number of health care startup companies. Anne is a frequent public speaker and engages in media relations locally and nationally on all aspects related to aging. Anne also serves on the board of The Children’s Medical Research Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropic organization that supports pediatric research and public health innovations in her native Ireland. “In an era of rapid technological change and transformation in the fields of medicine and science, we must always ensure that we remain deeply in touch with our common human ethics and values,” says Anne. “As a nurse entrepreneur and Aging Life Care Professional, it is a privilege to be able to bring confidence and peace of mind to seniors and their families as they navigate an increasingly complex heath care environment.”

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Speaking Engagements

Anne Sansevero is a trusted expert who speaks regularly on issues relating to aging and caregiving.

Anne SanseveroAnne Sansevero, RN, MA, GNP, CCM, and CEO of HealthSense, LLC and co-owner of Holistic HomeCare Associates, LLC spoke at National Guardianship Association Conference in Palm Springs, California on “Deconstructing & Differentiating the 3 D’s: Dementia, Delirium and Depression“. Taking an in-depth look and contrasting the three conditions, Anne educated the audience on how to manage dementia behaviors, detour from unstable situations that may cause delirium and treat depression from a holistic perspective. Anne also represented the Aging Life Care Association® , of which she is an active member and sits on their National Board of Directors.

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Because of her expertise, Anne is frequently sought out by publications writing on issues of healthy aging and planning.

The lifeline you need if you’re caring for an aging loved one

This caregiving pro can be pricey, but, for many, totally worth it

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The Slippery Slope of Self-neglect

“A silent epidemic is sweeping through our elderly population, and the cure is elusive.”

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Slowing Down Hospital Discharge Requires Fast Action (Kaiser Health News)

“If you’ve stabilized, you’ll probably be considered ready for transfer.”

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If you’re in your 50s, you need to plan for long-term care right now. (CNBC)

“Just like saving for retirement, you have to save for your health and well being.”

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‘There’s a window, and once it closes, it closes forever’ (Boston Globe)

“Care managers can advocate for a longer stay on a patient’s behalf when a hospital discharge feels too soon. They can assess a senior’s overall health and cognitive state and evaluate home safety.”

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