Who Do We Help?

grandmother talking with granddaughter

The care managers at HealthSense provide services that help both seniors and their families. Other aging care professionals – including elder law attorneys, financial planners, geriatricians, and other health professionals dedicated to geriatric care – also use our services.

Here is just a sample of the people who reach out to us for help:

  • Seniors who are facing challenges with growing older
  • Adult children who are overwhelmed with the medical, legal and financial issues their loved one faces
  • Family caregivers seeking a streamlined plan of care for their loved ones and someone who has the skills and expertise to oversee the plan and ensure its effectiveness
  • Those struggling with the issues surrounding dementia and memory loss
  • Individuals with complex medical issues requiring oversight and the ability to coordinate and monitor care solutions
  • Those who are considering home care or moving to a senior living community

Other senior care providers also seek out our services, including:

  • Physicians who want their patients to achieve the best possible outcome
  • Elder law attorneys who don’t have the medical expertise their clients need
  • Hospital discharge planners who understand the importance of overseeing the transition from a medical facility to home or another health care setting
  • Senior living communities that need assistance in managing complex medical conditions

If you would like to learn more about how the Care Managers at HealthSense can help you, please contact us today.