Memory Care

father and son holding hands

Many of our care managers are experienced nurses with extensive backgrounds in gerontology and are highly skilled in assessing cognitive health. They can recognize subtle changes which may be an early sign of dementia and refer to appropriate medical specialists as needed. While dementia is a progressive disorder affecting memory function, research has shown that cognitive enrichment programs, like MindSense, can improve brain function, decrease social isolation and enhance quality of life. Our care managers and cognitive enrichment specialists can also assist families and caregivers with dementia care, education and support. If a client receives a diagnosis of dementia, our team is highly experienced in helping them lead lives of purpose. This may include assembling a home care team with a special knowledge of memory care or creating a living environment that will keep them engaged in life while meeting their day-to-day needs.

Our care managers are also skilled at recognizing delirium, an acute medical condition which is commonly confused with dementia. However, many of the symptoms of delirium unlike dementia are treatable and can be reversed if the causes are identified.