Jessica Gibbons, BFA

Jessica Gibbons, BFAJessica received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drama from the North Carolina School of the Arts. A multi-talented professional, Jessica is an award-winning actor, artist and author. She has performed and directed Off-Broadway and in regional theater in plays as well as musicals. As an artist, Jessica works in a variety of mediums including batik where her work has sold and garnered a number of awards. Jessica is also a history buff, tapping into that interest as a best-selling writer of historical romance. Over the past four years, Jessica has also been using her artistic sensibilities to enrich the lives of older adults as a specialized companion. Her highly empathetic disposition and unique life perspectives have brought joy to those she engages with. Whether it is bringing history alive through selected readings and song or exploring an artistic medium to discover hidden talents, Jessica uses the arts to light up the lives of those around her.

“I am happiest when I can unleash curiosity and creativity! Learning a new dance step, singing an old song, filling an empty pot with flowers, creating color on a blank canvas can not only bring happiness but perhaps even fire up a new passion. I firmly believe we have the capacity to tap our creative juices at any time of life. When I begin a new project with a client, we are on a journey together where we both engage with a sense of wonder. The end result is not important.  It is the beginning and the doing that brings fulfillment. Once connection has been made, joy can be found in the simplest of tasks. I know I have achieved success when I see new pep in my client’s step or a wry twinkle in her eye.  That shared connection is what fills and sustains me. I feel lucky to have been a part of bringing joy into their life!”