Veronica Ruffin-Ellis, DNP, MSN Ed, RN

Veronica Ruffin-Ellis, DNP, MSN Ed, RNNurse Care Manager

Dr. Veronica Ruffin-Ellis is a highly experienced nursing professional with a broad range of talents across the spectrum of nursing leadership. She is a skilled clinician, educator and health care administrator who has practiced in the New York Metropolitan and Hudson Valley region for over 33 years. During this time, she also served her country with honor for 8 years as a Field Hospital Combat Medic in the United States Army Reserve. Dr. Ruffin-Ellis holds a doctorate in Nursing Practice from Walden University and is an adjunct professor at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York. She balances a directorship role as a health care administrator with clinical care management. As a nurse care manager with HealthSense, Dr. Ruffin-Ellis uses her many valuable skillsets to triage and strategize on complex health issues, while educating her clients and families on preventative care and optimal chronic care management. Her insights and stewardship lead to optimal health care outcomes and peace of mind for clients and their families. 

Born in New York City, I come from a generation of nurses and was greatly inspired by my aunt and great-grandmother who were powerful role models to me with their vocation. From an early age, I recall watching in awe as they donned their crisp white uniforms and went out into the world to support and help those in need. Their commitment to caring for the most vulnerable shaped my own service-oriented life journey as a health care professional and academic educator. As a nurse care manager, I thrive on the human connection and love nothing more than to listen deeply and with compassion to a client’s health challenges and use my knowledge, expert care planning and execution to solve problems and relieve their burdens. I believe that high quality health care is relationship driven, and in that regard, I bring commitment, dignity, and dedication to my profession.”