Hello and Goodbye!

— Have you ever noticed that as you age, time seems to move at a faster and more furious pace? So, too does the hospital discharge planner! These days, hospitals are under enormous financial pressure to discharge patients at the earliest possible opportunity. In fact, whether you or your loved one are being rolled into the... Read More

Why Long-term Care Planning Should Be on Your Short List

— According to the AARP, over half of people over 65 will need long-term care. Seniors are living longer, many with chronic medical conditions and will need care assistance with activities of daily living to maintain a safe and healthy living environment. The majority of Americans wish to age in place in their own home with... Read More

Anne Sansevero Shares Her Story on Nursing Assistant Podcast

— introduced a series of podcasts on their site recently and Health Sense founder and CEO Anne Sansevero was their first guest. In the podcast, Anne talks about her journey from Ireland to the United States and her journey from an RN to master’s degree to entrepreneur. She explains what geriatric care/aging life care management is... Read More

“Observation Status” – What Seniors Should Know Before They Land in the Hospital

— Did you know that seniors can be hospitalized for days, undergo an extensive workup with myriad tests and procedures and receive all manner of drugs without ever officially being admitted to the hospital? Welcome to the wacky world of “observation status,” where you are essentially classified as an outpatient even though the care you’re receiving is... Read More

The Battle of the Bath

— One of the more stressful behavioral issues family and caregivers have when caring for a person with dementia is waging “the battle of the bath.”  If you think about it, a growing fear and resistance to bathing makes sense since the process involves multiple steps and judgments, which may prove cognitively daunting for the person... Read More

The Case of the Missing Documents

— It’s tax time and the rush is on to submit the myriad documents necessary for tax filings. This can be a stressful enough time for even the most organized among us, but it is without doubt a time of high anxiety for seniors with cognitive impairments and their families. One of the chief concerns is... Read More

Anne Sansevero Discusses Seasonal Affective Disorder

— Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that correlates to the change of seasons – most commonly when sunshine and warmth may be hard to find. New York can be bitter, cold and dark during the winter months, making it a place where SAD may be more common. Anne Sansevero, CEO of Health... Read More

Thanksgiving Is a Time for Gratitude – and Sleuthing Opportunities

— Thanksgiving is a time when we gather around the table to give thanks with our families. If you have an aging loved one in your family, it is also a time to nurture your subtle but masterful Sherlock Holmes detective skills. Why? Thanksgiving starts the holiday season – a time when we gather around with our... Read More

It’s Time for Shots!

— If the pumpkins are showing their faces, it’s that time of year – time for shots! Here’s a Halloween scary fact from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): more seniors die every year from the flu or pneumonia than from car accidents. According to the CDC, both diseases combine to rank seventh on... Read More