Let Their Story Be Told!

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is how precious and fleeting life is. Young and old alike have had to fight an invisible enemy. For some, it brings the concept of mortality and leading a meaningful life into sharper focus. Relationships and connection take precedence over materialistic pleasures and time slows down… Read More

Giving the Gift of Connection

As the holiday season approaches, this year it is bittersweet. Bitter — because Covid-19 cases are surging across the country and we all need to remain vigilant about mask wearing, sanitizing and keeping up our social distance efforts; sweet– because with the first vaccines now being rolled out, there is hope on the horizon for… Read More

Thanksgiving Tips for 2020 – Spreading Love not COVID-19

Thanksgiving is around the corner and the stress around family gatherings has taken on a new dimension amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. After nearly 10 months of lockdowns, restrictions and fear of being together, we are all so exhausted and are yearning for human connection. Yet, as we all know from the infectious disease experts, indoor… Read More

Yes, Now Really is the Time for your Annual Check Up!

“Procrastination is my sin. It brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will — tomorrow!” — Gloria Pitzer   If you were like me, you stayed far from the doctor’s and dentist’s office this spring and summer and procrastinated doing your annual check-up because of COVID-19. Now that… Read More

Elevate the Simple Things!

While this has been an exceptionally challenging year, late summer is always a great time to take stock of the all the things we are grateful for and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The weather is still perfect for outdoor physically distanced gatherings with good friends using the appropriate protective protocols. Farm produce is bountiful… Read More

Finding a New Zest for Life!

Meet Margaret: a 93 year old homemaker,  retired librarian, and widow. Margaret has always had an innate curiosity and thirst for learning; she is well traveled and well read. She loves connecting with people and has an amazing listening ability, which immediately makes others feel at ease to share their stories. Margaret lives alone, with… Read More

Face Masks – Let’s embrace our new normal!

With the resurgence of Covid-19 cases flaring up in hot spots around the US, face masks and coverings are without question a must have, must wear accessory. Virologists and public health experts are still uncovering new details about the viral transmission but mounting evidence suggests that the coronavirus not only spreads by large droplets (through… Read More

Re-entering the Aging Life Care Workplace Post-Covid-19 Lockdown

During this historic time of tumultuous upheaval first with the COVID-19 pandemic and now with the unfolding civil protests for social justice and equality, aging life care professionals have been a rock of dependability and a beacon of light for our most vulnerable seniors and their families. With the curve flattening on the pandemic in… Read More

Let the Light In!

Bill’s life was turned upside down when his wife of over 40 years passed away. Suddenly, the things he loved doing –like exploring hidden corners of Manhattan, going to the opera and learning new skills –seemed meaningless to him. His world shrunk and he found himself spending more and more time indoors. Slowly, over time… Read More